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The Gifted: S01E01 eXposed

The Gifted

Season: 1
Episode: 1
Air date: 2017-10-02

Guest stars: Timothy M. Steele, Aleia Kristene, Seth Gowans-Savage, Casey Crow, Charley Bauman, James Sterling, Houston Ries, Evan Mclellan, Tony Maples, Hayley Lovitt, Bradley K. Jones, Steven Johnson, Rocco Hill, Dale Godboldo, Niles Finklea, Katie Fairbanks, Philip Boos, Michael James Anders, Darion Costley, Jeff Daniel Phillips, Toks Olagundoye, Giovanni Devito, Pierce Foster Bailey, Dalton E. Gray, Steffan Argus, Matthew Tompkins, Joe Nenners, Ptolemy Slocum, Colin Beaton, Billy Blair, Jason Bremer, Paul Caraway, Jessica Lia, Hannah Mathes, Alex Nicole McConnell, Gurie Sheffield, Clarence Cross, Terrie Cooklin

A suburban couple is forced to flee from a hostile government after their teenage children begin to show they possess certain powers.

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